Our Group

BITCO, or Baghdad International Trading Company, was founded in 1975 at the heart of Baghdad by Michael’s family. Initially established as a conglomerate specializing in trading activities, the company seized opportunities after Iraq’s oil industry nationalization, capitalizing on the rapid economic growth during that period. Over the years, BITCO evolved into a multidimensional business.

From 2004 to 2014, the BITCO Group shifted its focus to support Iraq’s reconstruction efforts through extensive activities in Turnkey and EPC contracting, IT and telecommunication solutions, and real estate development. This transition allowed BITCO to play a pivotal role in supporting Iraq’s growing oil sector, serving both government and international clients.

Today, BITCO stands as a world-class group, embodying a familial spirit within a corporate structure. The organization values its employees, viewing their dedication and loyalty as essential elements for delivering services and performance that meet stakeholder expectations. Headquartered strategically in Dubai, BITCO effectively supports procurement and supply operations across the Middle East. Support offices are also located in Auckland, New Zealand, Dubai, UAE, and Erbil, Iraq.

With over 70 full-time employees and more than 25 part-time employees across various offices, including Dubai, Erbil, Baghdad, and Auckland, BITCO continues to grow as a leading service provider with diverse business units.

BITCO Group Entities

BITCO comprises four main entities, each contributing to the company’s diverse business operations and growth:

A. Baghdad International Trading Company (BITCO)

Established in Baghdad, Iraq in 2004, this entity holds a prestigious First Class Gold Rating from the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce.

BITCO General Trading Company (Branch)

Formed in the KIZAD Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority, this limited liability free zone company focuses on general trading.

BITCO Company for General Trading Limited

Established in 2014, this entity is a member of the Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce.

BITCO NZ Limited

Formed in 2014, this standalone entity specializes in real estate development in New Zealand.