Hospitality Projects

At Bitco, our aim is to provide hundreds of chefs with a better working environment by offering a range of over 5,000 products for food preparation, cooking, ventilation systems, refrigeration, dishwashing, bakery, and laundry.

The complete range of internationally renowned brands we distribute is designed to enhance the chef's experience, making it easier and better. Our cutting edge lies in delivering superior solutions with reliable products and efficient after-sales service, based on a simple yet fundamental policy: no problem is too big, and no customer is too small.

As a quality-conscious organization, we place great emphasis on maintaining high-quality standards across our product range. Our determined quality policy is focused on fulfilling customer requirements in all areas of our activities. We guarantee adherence to the most up-to-date quality standards in the field to deliver an international quality range within our scope.

Our quality test engineers are equipped with all the necessary facilities to conduct various stringent quality checks on our products. They oversee the entire production process, testing against predetermined parameters to prevent any manufacturing defects and to ensure that excellent products are delivered to our esteemed customers.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost focus, and we follow stringent quality management system practices to ensure it. Owing to the relentless efforts of our diligent team, we have acquired a strong customer base spanning Iraq and the Middle East. We constantly strive to achieve customer delight by delivering flawless quality products and prompt after-sales services.

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Designing And Build Services

At Bitco Group, we specialize in providing comprehensive design and construction services for restaurants, handling every detail from start to finish. Our skilled team of designers and architects will create a custom layout that maximizes your space and enhances customer experience. We also take care of sourcing and installing all the necessary kitchen equipment to ensure your restaurant operates efficiently and meets the highest standards.

Our expertise extends to interior design, where our creative professionals transform your vision into reality, crafting an inviting and stylish atmosphere that sets the perfect tone for your dining establishment. From conceptual sketches to final construction, every aspect of your restaurant is meticulously planned and executed by our experienced team.

The attached layout image is an example of our work, showcasing a detailed floor plan for Avesta Café. This plan includes the arrangement of the dining area, kitchen, and service zones, ensuring a seamless flow and optimal functionality.

Choose Bitco Group for a seamless restaurant build experience from A to Z, where your dream restaurant becomes a reality with our all-encompassing design and construction services.

Kitchen Equipment Distribution

BITCO’s Kitchen Equipment Distribution unit is dedicated to providing top-tier kitchen equipment solutions, ensuring efficiency and excellence in culinary operations across various sectors. The unit represents leading international brands, empowering businesses with reliable and advanced equipment. It comprises:

Unox Ovens

BITCO proudly represents UNOX, an Italian-based company renowned for its innovative ovens. Founded in 1990, UNOX revolutionized the market with its product designed to bake frozen bread and croissants without the need for proofing. Central to this innovation is the AIR.Maxi™ technology, ensuring uniform air diffusion through multiple fans. UNOX quickly established itself as a market leader, emphasizing uniform baking and efficiency.

The partnership with UNOX empowers BITCO to offer a range of advanced ovens that streamline cooking processes and deliver consistent, high-quality results.

The Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in UNOX ovens position them as a top choice for professional kitchens seeking reliability and precision.


BITCO is the authorized distributor for WMF GmbH, a German-based group with a rich legacy of 170 years. WMF is renowned for its expertise in metal craftsmanship, offering outstanding quality, sophisticated design, and decades of experience in producing professional tools and equipment.

WMF’s portfolio encompasses consumer products, fully automated coffee machines for the professional sector, and equipment for hotels and restaurants. The product range reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing top-of-the-line solutions for diverse culinary needs.

The collaboration with WMF allows BITCO to introduce premium coffee machines and equipment that embody the pinnacle of German engineering and innovation. These machines enhance the coffee experience for customers while catering to the high standards expected in commercial settings.


BITCO serves as the authorized distributor for QualityFry, a Spanish-based provider of unique professional ventless deep fryers. QualityFry’s technology is distinctive, allowing for vertical frying of products without emitting fumes or odors, and without causing pollution.

The innovative ventless deep fryers are ideal for various food establishments.

Mareno ALI Group Srl

With over 50 years of history, Mareno is a solid brand, known in Italy and abroad for the quality and reliability of its equipment.

Mareno kitchens are designed for life and are designed based on field experience, thanks to listening to customer needs and collaboration with chefs.

Mareno offers complete solutions for all types of catering. From large company canteens to small trendy venues, from luxury hotels to services for the community, from modern formats for fast food to cooking schools, Mareno equipment is the right answer for your needs.

Born with a vocation for cooking, over time Mareno has developed a complete product range that embraces all functions: preparation, distribution, convection and steam ovens, refrigeration and washing.

Since 1996, Mareno has been part of Ali Group, the leading global leader in the foodservice equipment market. This means a great wealth of experience, constant updates and a fruitful exchange of technologies, processes and procedures.