Master Franchise

Bitco is a Master Franchise for Avesta Eurobakery and Café ( in Iraq and the Middle East

Bitco is distinguished by its high quality and creativity, supporting the beneficiaries of this franchise in every possible way and helping them grow their businesses.

AVESTA Eurobakery Café

In a significant milestone for BITCO, in 2014, the company secured an exclusive contract to develop the Food and Beverage service at Erbil International Airport (EIA) in Iraq, laying the foundation for AVESTA Eurobakery Café.

AVESTA Eurobakery Café (, an esteemed franchise under the BITCO umbrella, emerged in 2014. The core ethos of AVESTA revolves around a clean and modern image, which is carefully curated and showcased through meticulously designed corporate branding. This theme extends to every aspect of the café, from attractive dining furniture, state-of-the-art appliances, elegant serving ware, thoughtful décor, and branded uniforms, to easy-to-read menus.

Complementing these elements is a team of well-trained and attentive staff, dedicated to enhancing the passenger experience and ensuring it is nothing short of positive.

Since its inception in 2014, AVESTA Eurobakery Café has steadily become a cornerstone of BITCO’s operations, evolving into a flagship endeavor for the company. Starting with just two outlets, AVESTA has expanded impressively, boasting eight outlets at Erbil International Airport (EIA) presently. This growth trajectory solidifies AVESTA’s position among the fastest-growing F&B service providers in Iraq

DOTS Original

BITCO has successfully secured an agreement with Europastry, granting them the approval to utilize the distinguished trademark DOTSORIGINAL® for their venture. This agreement allows BITCO to open a series of Avesta DOTSORIGINAL® donut shops across Iraq.

The Avesta DOTSORIGINAL® donut shops will epitomize the joy of indulging in delightful donuts. Offering an array of delectable flavors and enticing varieties, these donuts will be freshly made with a commitment to capturing the essence and quality associated with DOTSORIGINAL®.

With a determined and forward-thinking strategy, BITCO aims for rapid expansion. Over the course of the next two years, the goal is to inaugurate a total of 20 Avesta DOTSORIGINAL® donut shops strategically positioned throughout Iraq. This ambitious plan is driven by the aspiration to extend the delight of DOTSORIGINAL® donuts to a broader audience, inviting them to savor these irresistible treats in a welcoming and inviting ambiance.

Harley Davidson

As the authorized dealer for Harley-Davidson in Kurdistan/Iraq, BITCO brings the epitome of motorcycle excellence to the region. Harley-Davidson motorcycles, celebrated globally, offer a lifestyle of freedom and adventure. BITCO’s representation of this iconic brand not only enhances lifestyles but also aligns with the aspirations of bike enthusiasts, military organizations, and the police. 

BITCO’s dedication to representing Harley-Davidson showcases the company’s commitment to delivering the best and making a mark in the Iraqi motorcycle market. The brand’s legacy and reputation resonate with the spirit of adventure and the desire for a life unrestrained.

Upcoming Ventures: BITCO is poised to extend its representation to other prominent motorcycle brands, leveraging its position as the sole authorized motorcycle dealer in Iraq.

AVESTA Travel Shop

AVESTA Travel Shop, born in 2022 at Erbil International Airport, embodies convenience and comfort for travelers. As the first convenience store in Iraqi airports, it offers an array of travel essentials and delightful extras. From medicines and flying aids to books, magazines, tourist trinkets, and snacks, AVESTA Travel Shop aims to redefine the travel retail experience.


BITCO’s vision for AVESTA Travel Shop is ambitious. The company plans to establish its pioneering presence in travel retail across all Iraqi airports by 2024, introducing travelers to a seamless shopping experience enriched with essential amenities and delightful surprises.