Real Estate Development

NEW AZADI Project – Erbil, IRAQ

The New Azadi project in Erbil City-IRAQ, epitomizes our family business’s core values, emphasizing rigorous ethical standards to uphold our legacy and family name.

Presently, the ATCONZ Group is actively engaged in diverse sectors such as investment, real estate development, industrial endeavors, oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction contracting.

Driven by an unwavering vision and an undeterred pioneering spirit, ATCONZ Group has made significant investments in emerging markets like Iraq. The New Azadi project is estimated to unfold in four phases, each with a value of $350 million, facilitating the construction of over 500 housing units.

 Baghdad, IRAQ

Bitco Group is significantly enhancing Baghdad's real estate sector with modern infrastructure and sustainable practices. Their projects focus on community-centric designs, incorporating eco-friendly materials and advanced technologies. By creating jobs and stimulating economic activity, Bitco Group is playing a crucial role in the city's economic revival and urban transformation.

BITCO NZ Project Auckland, New Zealand

Pioneering Growth and Transformation

In the realm of real estate, BITCO NZ LTD emerges as a dynamic and innovative arm of the group, specializing in Real Estate Development within the diverse landscape of New Zealand. Recognizing the immense potential and promising opportunities within the sector, BITCO NZ LTD is poised to make a lasting impact by contributing to the growth and transformation of communities across the country.

A Vision of Progress and Prosperity

New Zealand, a land of natural beauty and vibrant culture, hosts a thriving real estate sector, playing a pivotal role in the nation’s economic landscape. BITCO NZ LTD understands the significance of this sector, which stands as one of the largest in the country. Embracing a forward-looking vision, BITCO NZ LTD is keen on harnessing the potential that lies within Auckland’s ambitious infrastructure plans.

BITCO NZ LTD’s journey in real estate development is more than just a business venture. It’s a vision to shape spaces and communities, an aspiration to contribute to the growth of New Zealand, and a commitment to building a brighter future for all.