Baghdad International Trading Company as a master franchisee for Middle East, a Strong story

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BITCO: Middle East Growth Since 2004

Baghdad International Trading Company (BITCO), established in 1975, has evolved into a multifaceted enterprise with a significant footprint in the Middle East. With expertise spanning real estate, food and beverage services, IT solutions, and hospitality projects, BITCO has become a cornerstone of economic development in the region. As a master franchisee, BITCO brings renowned global brands to the Middle Eastern market, leveraging its extensive network and local market knowledge to drive growth and innovation.

Unlocking Top Opportunities

BITCO's franchise division serves as a comprehensive resource for identifying and capitalizing on top franchise opportunities. Their strategic approach ensures successful brand integration and market penetration, fostering robust business environments. With a multidisciplinary team and operations in Dubai, Erbil, Baghdad, and Auckland, BITCO is committed to exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks in quality and service.

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